Just beginning this process and excited and nervous as I step forward into a new social media experience.  My mentor JW is keeping the faith, so I will continue to reinforce her faith in me.  Thanks JW!!!

Let’s begin with a few insights into my constant active imagination.  I must say, nature is my inspiration.  I also look at everything within eyesight with a constant search for ideas.  This isn’t a conscious habit, it is simply how my mind works.  I’ve created some of my best work after seeing some random thing that starts the wheels turning.  It can be a combination of colors as I look at a tree, or a building, or just about anything that catches my eye.

I present to you an examples of my ‘inspired by nature’ creations.


Look What I Made

I Need a New Mantra

Welcome to my blog!

I’m first and foremost an artist.  Make that Artist with a capital “A” because I adore everything and anything creative . . . except when it comes to technology . . .

Now that I’m officially a “blogger” my friend says I need a new attitude.  Instead of saying:

  • “I hate the computer.”
  • “Technology doesn’t agree with me.”
  • “Working on the computer is too frustrating.”

I need a new “mantra” she says.

What do you tell yourself when you need to motivate yourself to do something you aren’t familiar with?  Let me know.  I’m stuck!